What is BioWare's 'Project Zulu'?

Mysterious title reportedly appears on debug Xbox Live

Various sources are reporting that a new BioWare title, 'Project Zulu' has appeared on the development version of Xbox Live Marketplace.

The title, which you can see pictured on Partnernet via the below source link, is seemingly listed with various test DLC packages and a product description.


"BioWare presents an adventure beyond your wildest imaginings - fantasy role playing action adventure in space!" the description reads.

Among the game's test DLC packs are "Episode One: Too Many Cooks: Spoil the Broth" and Episode 2: "Another fun adventure to download and play," reports site VGN365.

To be honest, this looks and sounds like a bit of BioWare testing to us, but you never know.

[ SOURCE: VGN365 ]