Transformers: Dark of the Moon - A movie tie-in worth playing?

Still no Megan Fox...

Even after Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen the sight of a spinning Autobot-to-Decepticon logo can still instil hope.

The quality lurking within High Moon's War for Cybertron might also suggest that some excitable 'kch-koo-kch-kookshkshksh' noises are in order.

So is this movie tie-in transforming into a Pagani Zonda, or a potential Austin Allegro? For now, let's settle at Honda Civic. Dark of the Moon, the game, is set between movies two and three, and is a single campaign that has you leap from transformer to transformer (and often between Autobot and Decepticon) as each level careers into the next.

On one mission you'll control Ironhide, stomping around an unfortunate city besieged by the Decepticons shouting "That's right! I've got plenty to go around!" as he pulverises cars and robots alike.

A little later you'll be playing as series icon and bad guy SoundWave; inserted onto a South Pacific island in search of a human facility developing anti-Decepticon weaponry with a little help from his controllable flying minion Laserbeak.

A major change is that vehicular combat has been beefed up significantly, with wheeled warriors sprouting all manner of weapons at the tap of a button.

Again, the vehicle forms of our heroes can cavort around the level like hovercrafts when they're not accelerating - and this manoeuvrability means the action never relents, or pauses while you perform a three point turn.


Overall, however, there's certainly less to be excited about here than there once was for War for Cybertron. The interesting multi-character co-op approach appears to be absent and, above all, the structure seems to be edging towards the territory of a conventional movie tie-in.

We're suckers for the sound of metal crushing metal but, as with the movie, for this to be an all-out stonker we'll need a little Energon, and a lot of luck.

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