Uncharted 3: Multiplayer details, beta dated

PS Plus and InFamous purchasers get early access

Naughty Dog's released official details on Uncharted 3's multiplayer mode, as well as confirming a PSN beta for late June.

The Multiplayer Beta for Uncharted 3 begins worldwide on June 28, with early access going to PlayStation Plus members or by purchasing specially marked copies of Infamous 2, the developer's confirmed.

As for what's included in the online mode, Naughty Dog calls the leap forward in gameplay, technology and depth since Uncharted 2 "astounding" - and you can see it in action via the debut trailer below.

Two new modes have been revealed so far; Three Team Deathmatch, which is a small-team 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 variation on Team Deathmatch, and Free For All, which explains itself.

It sounds like the biggest new additions however are the Buddy Mode and character customization. Both heroes and villains skins will have hundreds of customizable parts, says Naughty Dog, from accessories to shirts to a deep weapon customization feature - and the latter's not just cosmetic either; you can add precise scopes, bigger clips and more.

Uncharted 3's also introducing an emblem editor and the Buddy system, which allows you to pair up with a friend and spawn together, easily find eachother on the battlefield and collectively share your successes throughout the match with each other.

The Buddy System also adds special Buddy Boosters, says Naughty Dog, unique perks that help players work together to earn extra cash, ammo and medals. Uncharted 3 players will also be able to purchase Paid Boosters using in-game cash, for short-time skills that aren't available via unlocks.

Naughty Dog has also confirmed Split-screen support and a co-op mode for Uncharted 3, promising that it's been "vastly expanded upon". More details will be revealed further down the line, it's said.

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[ SOURCE: PS Blog ]