Atari 400 keyboard makes comeback

Retro heads rejoice - irritating interface returns

The keyboard of the classic Atari 400 - one of the most iconic if flawed computer interfaces of all time - has made a 21st Century comeback.

The beige, orange and brown input dates back to the late 1970s, where its $549.95 frame could be found in many a child's bedroom. That is, until they upgraded to the 8-bit (8-bit!) Atari 800, which arrived at the same time.


The Atari 400 boasted both an external floppy drive and a cassette recorder. Oh yes. You might not think it to look at it, but its custom graphics and sound chips made it a gamers' paradise. It hosted Nintendo's Donkey Kong and Atari's Ms Pac-Man, you know.

Now Japanese company Niyari has relaunched the keyboard as a trendy USB device. Happily, they've got rid of the pressure sensitive keys that caused many an issue for children of the Seventies.

Check out images of the new device on this very page. More through the link below.

[ SOURCE: Technabob ]