Win! The ultimate SOCOM 4 Special Forces prize

Game, sharp shooter, PS Move goodies up for grabs

SOCOM 4 Special Forces is out tomorrow as Zipper Interactive take the helm once again on one of the longest running and best loved PlayStation series and we've got an ultimate SOCOM 4 Special Forces prize for you to win.

If you fancy combining a bit of PS3 tactical shooting and command action, then you simply can't afford to be without this set of SOCOM goodies which includes a copy of the game, the new PlayStation Sharp Shooter light gun, a Move and navigation controller units and a special forces t-shirt.

It's everything you need to master single-player and co-op SOCOM and should also give you that vital edge to become an elite online SOCOM marksmen in multiplayer. Here's the full score:

  • 1 x copy of the SOCOM 4: Special Forces game
  • 1 x PlayStation Sharp Shooter peripheral
  • 1 x PlayStation Move Controller
  • 1 x PlayStation Navigation Controller
  • 1 x SOCOM Special Forces T-shirt (Large)

So what do you have to do to win such a sumptuous prize? Easy just answer the following SOCOM related questions and pray your names gets plucked from the great CVG randomizing hat.

If you find your intel is lacking, there may be some clues in the following gameplay single and multiplayer previews, plus our recent history of the SOCOM series...