What if... Apple bought Epic?

Future history: The fictional world of games is about to change. Big time.

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An Apple spokesperson told CVG at the show that "further inputs will be coming soon" for the device, but would not comment on murmurings surrounding an Apple games controller - merely adding that there was "plenty more to come" from the firm this year.

Infinity Blade 2 was greeted by rowdy applause when unveiled by Epic president Mike Capps and VP Mark Rein. The pair promised that the game would offer a "deeper RPG progression" than its predecessor, and said that the title "looks as good as anything we've ever done" on PS3, 360 or PC.

New Unreal Engine 'prioritised for Apple formats'
Tuesday 12-June-2012 22:07 GMT Extraordinary engine hitting iPad first

The first games to use Epic's thrilling new Unreal Engine Xion will be available first on iPad 3, the studio revealed at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today.

Stood alongside Apple COO Tim Cook in San Francisco, Epic boss Mike Capps said that the tablet was already running some "amazing early demos" using the technology, and questioned whether these would be possible on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

However, when asked if Apple-owned Epic would consider licensing its engine to third-parties for use on Microsoft's newly-announced Xbox Wave console - first revealed at L.A's E3 last week - Capps simply stated that "things are still being worked out".

Epic showed more of its second Infinity Blade game at WWDC and E3 to great early acclaim from the critics, announcing an August release date.

After winning a host of surprise E3 Game Of The Show awards in the RPG category, the studio would not comment on what the game's price will be, despite rumours suggesting it will cost a hefty $29.99 at launch (around £18).

Apple TV becomes games console
Wednesday 5-Sep-2012 21:49 GMT Company relaunches plug-in concept to challenge Xbox 360, PS3

Apple has today launched 'Apple iFun' - a new set-top box that effectively re-launches its Apple TV service.

At the centre of iFun is an Xbox Live-esque online entertainment service dubbed 'iFun Now', that allows access to the App Store and the iFun community via a customisable profile - at no extra cost.


At its anticipated media event in San Francisco tonight, Steve Jobs' firm also showed off a new remote game controller - complete with dual thumbsticks, a gyroscope and the traditional 'four-button rhomboid' favoured by gamers. The 'iGame' is, of course, completely white, and will join iFun on store shelves next month - just in time for Christmas.

Apple promises that iPad game downloads purchased via the App Store will be transferable to iFun and playable in full HD at home, whilst "the vast majority" of titles purchased via iFun can also be played portably on the handheld.

COO Tim Cook promised that this combination will blow current competitors - including Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox Wave - "out of the water".

"Today is a historic moment in video gaming history," he told attendees. "Gamers have never seen anything like this before. Our vision is to provide high-end, incredible gaming wherever you are in the world - and a purchase system with which hundreds of millions of consumers are already instantly comfortable. We've spoken to all of the leading content creators in the games space, and believe me, they can't wait to get started with us."

Apple grabs huge games for home console
Tuesday 18-Sep-2012 19:29 GMT CoD: Black Ops 2, FIFA 13 and GTA V coming to iFun

A slew of huge multi-platform console games will be available before Christmas for Apple's iFun, the electronics giant announced today.

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