No More Heroes gets ANOTHER PS3 remake

Subtitled 'Red Zone', brings back the gore, adds new missions

No More Heroes Paradise - the PS3 and Xbox remake of the Wii original - still hasn't arrived in the West, but Konami already has another version of the game on the way for PS3.

According to Japan's Famitsu magazine (via Andriasang) it will be titled No More Heroes Red Zone, and will come with a healthy serving of new content over both the Wii original and the 'Paradise' port, which was apparently critised when it launched in Japan in April for being a bug-riddled, toned-down port of the brutal title.


Famitsu says Red Zone will not only get the Move motion controller support and boss battle mode from Paradise, but will also don five bosses from No More Heroes 2, ten previously unseen missions, an unexplained "Forbidden View" mode and "other bonuses for the first print run".

Red Zone will hit Japan on July 21. There's no word on a western release.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]