Here's a Platinum M. Bison trophy for SSFIV 3D

Batter StreetPass opponents with a new statue for your team

For those who don't know, Super Street Fighter IV 3D on 3DS has a unique feature in which players build up a collection of figurines, from which they pick a team of fighters to engage in standby-mode (StreetPass) battles with other 3DS owners as they walk by.

These trophies can be unlocked either by playing the game or by entering special unlock codes, and we have one such code below, courtesy of Game Informer.


It unlocks the Platinum M. Bison figuring, which don't the stats: Attack 140, Defense 114, Super Bar 3, Ultra Bar 0. Basically, he packs a hefty punch.

To get him, just fire up the game and enter the following case-sensitive code: EebkxqWbYJ.

What's that? You don't have the game? It's arguably the best 3DS launch game. Get on it.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]