PlayStation Network down for seventh day, Sony hopes to restore it 'within a week'

Firm hopes service won't be out of action for over two weeks

The PlayStation Network remains down today, the seventh day in a row it has been unavailable to over 70 million registered users around the globe.

While Sony said just yesterday it didn't have an update or timeframe to share regarding the resumption of the service, the latest correspondence with users suggests it may be up and running again "within a week".


In less positive news, the platform holder admitted last night that some PSN users' personal information - potentially including credit card details - has been stolen following the online service's security breach.

However, it denied reports that it had waited a week to inform customers that personal data had been compromised.

Sony also released a detailed Q&A to address the many questions users may have regarding the PSN down time and the risks following the subsequent breach personal information.