Last chance to get Pokémon Black and White's Victini

Download ends today...

Not got Victini in Pokémon Black and White yet? Today is your last chance to download the Liberty Ticket that will give you the opportunity to capture the Legendary Pokémon.

Victini is number 000 in the Pokédex and it's also the first ever Fire and Psychic Type Pokémon. So it's worth catching, but the Liberty Ticket download ends on 27 April so if you want to catch it you had better be quick.

To download the ticket, you just need to select Mystery Gift from the main menu and get the gift via Wi-Fi Connection. Then you'll need to meet the Deliveryman in a Pokémon Center to get the ticket.

However, downloading the Liberty Ticket is only half the battle. Victini is a pretty tough Pokémon to catch. Here, ONM tell you how to catch Victini.