Brink screenshots show gadgets and gizmos

5 new shots from Bethesda and Splash Damage

Bethesda and Splash Damage have released five new Brink screenshots showcasing some of the toys you'll be able to utilise in the unique FPS.

While you're free-running, class-hopping and head-shotting in a game that looks like some crazy cross between Mirror's Edge, Call of Duty and Team Fortress, you'll also be able to do things like remotely hack into enemy turrets using the aptly named 'Control Turret' device or heal multiple allies at a time in a cloud of goodness with the Lazarus Grenade.


We've been seeing plenty of the Splash Damage FPS recently. The latest Brink trailer provided four minutes of gameplay.

We've also been chatting a fair bit to Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood. Have a read of our sizable interview if you haven't already.