8Realms: 'We can challenge Total War and Civilization'

Interview: Jagex has high hopes for browser-based strategy title

So let us get this straight: A browser-based 'social' strategy title with the most 'complex front-end' of a commercial site in the world? One that can challenge Total War and Civilization from a gameplay standpoint yet can be "fired up during lunch to launch a few attacks"?

Sounds a little bit too good to be true, right? Not according to Claire Blackshaw, Lead Designer on Jagex's 8Realms - which launched its closed beta this week.

Where have you heard of Jagex before? RuneScape, that otherbrowser-based title; arguably the most popular free-to-play MMO in the world, with over 10 million monthly subscribers.


And although 8Realms is in a different genre to that phenomenon of a title, that doesn't mean Blackshaw and the Jagex team don't have their sights set similarly high, as she tells us in our interview below...

What would you say to a strategy game fan who has been left put off 8Realms by the word 'social'?
Board-games, that's the most social gaming experience in my opinion. It's hard because word's can take on a lot of baggage they don't deserve. I promise there is a complete lack of lost puppies, or clickable cows in 8Realms.

8Realms is a competitive strategy game where you are playing with thousands of other players using armies, diplomacy and trade to get an edge. Our approach is always a strategy first and social second. Though I do think the most appealing aspect of games such as Diplomacy is the social element.

What does 8Realms bring that's new for the genre?
It's always easy to talk about back of the box features. We could go on about the advance trade system, massive research tree or population mood system but that's not the most important thing. What we bring most to this space is thinking about the game first, and delivering on that quality of experience. It's still early days for us, going into our Closed Beta, but we want to reach a level of refinement that can truly engage the strategic mind.

To that end I'm more proud of the things we have said no to, such as lost puppies, than the features we said yes to.

Can a title like this ever really challenge a Civilization or Total War in gamers' affections?
That's an epic challenge but an achievable one I think. We are expanding the strategy genre, with a massive multiplayer approach. I have fond memories of both those franchises, and Alpha Centauri is one of those games I fire up every so often to have a go. Though they are extremely time demanding and it's been a while since I had the time to have a good game.


8Realms can fit into your day, firing it up at lunch to launch a few attacks or make sure your research is going as planned. Also because of the social element you have wars break out which get you very worked up. To the point where a developer jumped out of their chair and declared, "Hands off my Land Clams" to a full office during one of our play tests.

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In your press release, you say you're "pushing the technological boundaries of HTML games". In what way?
I can confidently say I know of no commercial site anywhere near as complex front-end as 8Realms. Now as much as I love playing with HTML5 and WebGL at home it's not yet ready for prime-time. So we made current browser tech jump through hoops, and using our own server-side technology pushed what's possible in terms of scaling.

8Realms has been a project to push Jagex web technology as far as possible. Preparing us for the biggest platform out there, the browser without plug-ins. We will always choose the most appropriate technology to deliver the games we want to make to the widest possible audience.

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