Inafune spills secrets: 'Capcom rejected Dead Rising, Lost Planet'

Designer 'ignored management' and secretly developed titles

Capcom's former dev head and MegaMan creator Keiji Inafune has spilled some of his former employer's development secrets, telling Japanese students the firm had a 'sequels-only' creation rule.

Addressing students in a seminar at Kyoto's Ritsumeikan University, Inafune revealed that Capcom originally rejected his plans for the successful Lost Planet and Dead Rising.


Capcom's management, concerned with risks, had a rule in place where making anything but sequels was forbidden, Inafune told attendees. The rule required 70-80 percent sequels with the remaining 20 percent being new titles, but in practice any suggestion for a new title would not receive approval, he said.

Preparing himself for rejection then, Inafune started up development of the Lost Planet and Dead Rising projects, but expectedly they were denied by management when their prototypes were shown in presentations.

But - in a move he says he feels "saved the company" - Inafune decided to ignore the rejection and keep on making the two titles anyway.

Lost Planet exceeded its prototype budget by over 400 percent, the designer recalled, forcing management to allow its construction to go forward.

Inafune had been prepared to be "fired for war crimes" if the games had failed, he said, but in the end both Lost Planet and Dead Rising sold millions worldwide and helped Capcom's earnings and stock price.

Last month, Inafune announced the formation of two companies, Intercept and Comcept. He described Intercept as a game production company and his "new challenge for consumer game development".

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]