Test Drive Unlimited devs go on strike as layoffs hit

Staff at Eden Games allege "mismanagement" by parent Atari

Employees at Test Drive Unlimited 2 developer Eden Games have held a "symbolic day strike" after receiving news that the majority of them will be laid off in June.

In a statement to Gamasutra, the French studio claimed parent company Atari is guilty of mismanagement, and that 51 out of a total 80 employees are set to be let go in June.


"Eden Games pays now for Atari mismanagement," read the statement from Eden employee representatives. "For several years we are witnessing multiple leader changes at its head, they did not hesitate to get rich despite financial difficulties."

The workers said today's strike was designed to start a discourse with Atari CEO Jim Wilson, "who has never introduced himself to his employees".

They also said they want to ensure that Eden employees are compensated in the same manner as Atari ones, and gain "real visibility on the future of the studio after the restructuring".

Gama was told that Test Drive Unlimited 2 has sold around 900,000 copies.

A huge, free DLC expansion for Test Drive Unlimited 2 hit PC earlier this week.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]