E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Gears Of War: Exile

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Game: Gears Of War Exile
Publisher: Microsoft
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Very Likely

With Gears of War 3 just over three months away from release, now is the perfect time to give Gears heads something else to look forward to - beyond all the active-reloading, chainsawing and kerb stomping of the core series.

Earlier this year Epic Games quietly filed a trademark for Gears of War: Exile and registered a logo to go along with it. The logo, which is the series' trademark skull in a gear along with the the Gears of War name and the world 'Exile beneath it', doesn't give away much.

If Epic is choosing to leave it to our imaginations, we're going to go crazy with it. We're guessing Microsoft has finally had enough of all the complaints about the lack of hardcore Kinect titles and put Epic to work on creating a Gears title for its perhipheral.

We're not completely pulling that one out of rear-ends, last year industry insiders said a Kinect Gears of War title is in the works at Epic Games. However, it didn't clarify whether it would be an entirely new Gears of War title one of the previous entries with added Kinect support.

Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski responded to questions on Twitter by saying there would be "no Kinect in Gears of War 3", leading to speculation that it would be some kind of spin-off.

Unnamed sources who claimed to be familiar with the project later stated that the Kinect games will be an on-rails shooter that will re-use assets and events from Gears of War 2.

At this point we'll take anything, even if that means older Gears of War titles (or chunks of them) with Kinect functionality layered on top. As long as Epic can come up with something interesting to add to it we're happy to replay the older titles again.

If it's just sticking our fingers in our ears, walking around slowly and shouting 'ANYA' at our televisions we'll pass.