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Game: Resistance 3
Publisher: Sony
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

We find it tempting to picture developers given three years to make a shooter spending the first two sitting around playing FIFA, then hurriedly hacking it all together in a final 12 months of hell. Mainly because that's exactly what we'd end up doing.


Resistance 3 creators Insomniac are, thankfully, a damn sight more diligent than us. With five months to go until the September release date, they've already completed a version of the alien-swamped sequel (in development since 2008) that can be swept through in its entirety.

"Resistance 3 is playable from start to finish on disc, which is insane for an Insomniac game with this much time left until release," confirms community manager James Stevenson. The next few months will be used to add polish, but, even if nothing changes, the game already looks fantastic.

And it's choc-full of fresh features such as upgradable weapons and new alien enemies. Considering the first two entries set arguable high watermarks in both those departments (Auger Rifle FTW), that makes us extremely excited indeed.

One of these new alien enemies is a race called the Long Legs (pictured in the main image, left) - a mechanically enhanced Chimera who can glide through the air and shoot at you while they're up there.

Which is bad news for new lead man Joseph Capelli, during a water-based leg of his journey from Oklahoma to New York City.


Last seen [SPOILER ALERT!] blowing previous hero Nathan Hale's brains out at the end of Resistance 2, Capelli is heading to the Big Apple to meet the returning Dr Malikov, who once again hopes to have found a way of eliminating the alien rulers.

Bet that goes well. Like the Chimera, multiplayer has also evolved. "It's set around the world, with many locations not in the single-player, such as Fort Lamy prison in Chad," reveals creative director Marcus Smith. "During single-player, you'll hear updates about the battle happening over there."

Sweet. Memo to September: hurry the hell up.

[Words: Games Master]

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