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Game: Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

Being traditional, dice-rolling wargames, Games Workshop products translate well into strategy-based videogames. Developers Relic know this well - they've already got numerous Dawn of War real-time strategy titles under their belts.

It also means that their knowledge of the Warhammer 40,000 world couldn't be better informed. So, Space Marine - their first attempt translating the Imperium of Man's struggle against many alien foes into a third-person shooter - is already off to a good start.

Visually, even the most fastidious Games Workshopper would admit that this couldn't really be more loyal to its tabletop roots. But how does it feel in the boots of Captain Titus, 150-year veteran of the Ultramarines... From past trailers, Space Marine has been affectionately nicknamed 'Gears of Warhammer' but Relic stress that it's no cover shooter.

Instead, they want to highlight the sense of pace and the fact that the Emperor's finest warriors don't hide behind walls. They charge in hard to deliver what Relic likes to call 'visible violent death'. A nice soundbite way of saying 'chop up Space Orks into showers of gore'.

Indeed, our hands-on confirmed that barrelling head-first into combat is very much the order of the day. Space Marine is a hybrid shooter/melee action game: this basically means shooting anything you haven't hacked into pieces with your bolter.

Linking together kills (either ranged or close combat) builds a 'rage' meter which sends Titus into an overdrive mode; shooting with this filled will enable a brief 'bullet time' moment. When up close and personal, you can unleash visceral execution moves on enemies.

Sure, there's a hint of 'comedy ketchup' about the kills but you can't deny the satisfaction that comes from sawing off an Ork's head with a chainsword.

At this stage, there's plenty of potential for Space Marine - even if it did make Gears of War look sophisticated in comparison. However, as the first time in the suit of a Space Marine (even the FPS Fire Warrior couldn't offer that), we're guessing there are some giddy Games Workshop fans who can't wait until it's released...

[Words: Games Master]

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