E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Saints Row the Third

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Game: Saints Row 3
Publisher: THQ
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

Saints Row The Third has an 'Awesome' button that, literally, makes everything you do totally and utterly awesome. Hold it down while performing an action and you'll perform something so brilliant you'll laugh in delight.

Case in point: jacking a car. Steal a vehicle in the normal way and you'll pull a gun on the driver or bash their head against the wheel before tossing them out. Entertaining - especially when the camera zooms in for the 'lulz' - but nothing we haven't seen before. But try thieving the ride with the Awesome button held down and you'll missile dropkick through the side window, kick the current driver out through the passenger door and settle down in the seat ready to drive off in one super-slick motion. See. AWESOME.

Saints Row's awesome new vibe takes place in an awesome new city, run by a less-than-awesome 'syndicate' of gangs just crying to be knocked off their perches. How and why you get there is pretty special, but so too is the city itself.

It's called Steelport, and it's a denser, more exciting game environment than Stilwater ever was. Huge skyscrapers representing the various factions in the game dominate its skyline. As you take the gangs down one by one you'll acquire their assets and erect Saints-flavoured skyscrapers in the place of the old ones.

You might start off looking like a homeless Power Ranger, but come SR3's end you'll have painted the town purple. Literally. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The time for end-of-game chatter is later, and in the opening hours in Steelport you're without money, without friends and without hope.

Calling your old crib lets you rally the troops and ship gang members over from Stilwater, but even when the crew's back together the odds are seriously stacked against you. The only way to pick apart Steelport's established ruling party is to cause some serious havoc and, boy, has Volition given you the tools to do just that...

First and foremost are the weapons.There's a Dildo Bat, a Call of Duty-style Predator Drone and there are even airstrikes. Best of all is the Remote Control Gun - something sure to be a fan-favourite weapon. It only fires a small, seemingly insignificant dart, but
the moment it latches onto a vehicle it hands you full control of whatever it hits.

Fire it on a cop car and you can steer the rozzers straight into the sea. Monkey with a Syndicate vehicle and you can charge into the cops - sparking off small wars between your two major enemies. Or, in true Saints Row fashion, you can simply hijack an old biddy's ride and thrash about the city as she soils her grubby granny pants.

Customisation plays a bigger part now than ever. Character tomfoolery has reached silly new heights and weapons can be blinged up in a similar fashion as well. The shotgun's a perfect example. On its own it's just a regular shotty, the likes of which you've used in hundreds of games, but spend some dough and you can morph it into an impressive triple-barrelled 'Gravedigger'.

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