E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Hitman Absolution

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Game: Hitman Absolution
Publisher: Square Enix
Likelihood of E3 2011 showing: Certain

Following the official announcement of Hitman: Absolution (finally) and more than a little hint towards the next reveal, we'll eat our own Ballers if we don't see the next in the Hitman series at E3.

But this is the first Hitman in five years, so we won't be happy with some unimaginative rehash of the past (as magnificent as that past has been) we want to see some entirely new and outrageously cool gameplay mechanics, we want to see killing slicker than we've ever experienced, we want Agent 47 to garrotte the current-gen platforms into submission.

Not a lot to be absolutely truthful. We know it's being built using Glacier 2, proprietary technology developed by IO, is currently billed as a 2012 release and will be a 'darker more stylised game'.

The blurb that's been sent out talks about Agent 47 being betrayed by the people he trusted (his mum and dad?) and chased by the police as he embarks on "a personal journey" through a dark and twisted world of corruption to find the truth.

As far as actual game material, the best we've had is an incredibly short teaser trailer of Agent 47's leather clad hands tightening the silencer on his gun with an almost indulgent, measured twist. The screen then fades to a pair of Ballers and a rattlesnake. Beats us.

Agent 47 is a cold blooded killer, fair play, but we think it'd be much cooler if you could use violence more strategically. In Blood Money, killing more people meant more notoriety, which meant you were ever closer to having your true identity unearthed. Let's face it, the most badass assassin's are the ones that leave only their target bleeding out in a room full of the blissfully unaware.

Sometimes it's just not possible to leave everyone but your objective standing and that's why we want to see the introduction of area specific hit detection. We want realistic shot power and injury, so a shot to the chest is going to either kill outright or at least send an enemy thumping to the ground. A leg shot, however, takes out only the leg, a bullet to the arm may neutralise an NPC's ability to fire back.

We don't understand why this isn't a feature in every shooter. It's probably because when the objective is to kill whoever gets in your eyeline, most players don't care if enemies die from a bullet to the foot.

But Hitman is more about cunning than it is killing, it's smarter than most shooters, therefore the mechanics behind the violence have to be more intelligent as well.

As far as everyone else is concerned, rather than just trying to avoid the attention of the majority of NPCs before nicking their clothes, we want to be able to interact with them in a whole host of different ways. And when we say interact, we mean use them as pawns in the devious game we like to call "Murder".

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