Xbox 360 dominates Brink sales

69 percent of total sales on Microsoft's console

Splash Damage's Brink is streets ahead on Xbox 360, with 69 percent of UK sales to date going the platform's way.

That's compared to 23 percent on PS3 and eight percent on PC, according to data from GfK Chart-Track.


The multiplayer-centric shooter emerged at the top of the all formats chart for the week ended May 14. The drift in sales towards Xbox 360 may owe something to PlayStation Network's much-publicised down time over the past month, although the service has now been restored across much of the globe.

Brink has experienced technical difficulties of its own, with many players reporting high degrees of lag. Last week, Splash Damage issued updates to address the problems and announced that the game's first DLC pack will ship free of charge to compensate users.