L.A Noire: Your verdict

Debate: Tell us about your weekend with the 1940s thriller...

You've read our L.A Noire review and now you've had a weekend with the game itself. We want to know what you think.

We loved L.A Noire for so many reasons; the authentic setting, the brilliant dialogue, the engaging story and that incredible face tech. But we also had a couple of fundamental criticisms, namely the fail-free nature of the game and the lack of any real player choice.


Ultimately, that wasn't enough to stop us from thoroughly enjoying the crime caper from Rockstar and Team Bondi, but we knew it would put some people off altogher.

Scanning the net seems to suggest that those people were the minority, with good words for L.A Noire popping up all over the place, but there's no opinion more weighty than that of the CVG Massive.

So, how far along are you with L.A Noire? What do you think of the experience so far? Do you agree with our opinions on the title? Is the 1940s adventure a victory in video game storytelling or too much narrative and not enough actual interaction?

Are you put off by the apparent lack of freedom or are you so engrossed that you haven't even noticed? Is this the best game to come out of Rockstar's garage so far?

Tell us what you think, but please, for the sake of your fellow gamer, no spoilers!