PS3 users locked out of Dirt 3 online features

PlayStation Store outage means players can't redeem VIP Pass

Update: Codemasters has told us it's not technically feasible to disable the Dirt 3 VIP Pass required to access the game's online features

Dirt 3 hit stores yesterday, but PS3 users are currently locked out of the rally title's online features.

Its online features - including competitive multiplayer and the ability to upload gameplay videos to YouTube - are enabled with a VIP Pass, an access code included in new retail copies of the game that has to be redeemed via the PlayStation Store, which is currently out of action.


"It is a really unfortunate situation but we are positive that Sony is doing everything to rectify the service as soon as possible," a Codemasters spokesperson told us.

The PS Store has been unavailable since the PlayStation Network was hacked last month. Sony said yesterday that it's "aiming to have it live by the end of May".

The PS3 version of Mortal Kombat suffered from the same problem as Dirt 3, but publisher Warner has waived the need to use the game's online pass to access multiplayer features until the PlayStation Store is available again. Codies was unable to tell us at this time if it might be able to offer a similar solution.

Edge is the latest to lavish praise on Dirt 3, awarding the title a 9/10 score in its Dirt 3 review. GamesMaster gave it 94 percent, while OPM and OXM both went with 9/10.