Xbox World's E3 Top 10

#2: Aliens Colonial Marines

This year's E3 show is set to be the hottest on record. So hot, in fact, we're dedicating the next 10 days to 10 smokingest things we're expecting to get eyes and hands on once we land in L.A. Part 2: Gearbox's long, long, long in the making Aliens game...

Q: Gluttons for punishment, aren't you? After Aliens vs Predator, I'd be glad not to see another pixellated xenomorph as long as I live.
A: Well, despite Sega's promise to flood the market with Aliens titles, for a long while now it's seemed as if your wish was granted - but we're confidently expecting some exciting news when we roll up in LA. Specifically, we've been granted an exclusive peek at their Next Big Thing from Sega. We know it's not an unannounced title which we'll be going hands-on with, and our highly-honed detective skills (thanks, LA Noire) suggests that it simply has to be Colonial Marines.

Q: So Gearbox are still working on it? I thought they'd gone the way of Woolworths. And S Club Juniors.
A: Your exhilarating sarcasm is understandable -five years is a long time to wait for any game, no question, and there's still no definite release date. But this is what we'll be in the front line to discover. We were never put off by Rebellion's completely unconnected AvP, and we've been gagging for Colonial Marines since its first unveiling.

Q: So, for those not in the know, what's the game about?
A: Squad-based FPS action against one of the most iconic monsters/protective mothers of all time! From Gearbox, who may well be famed for their procrastina... sorry, their complicated development histories, but they're still the skilled craftsmen and women behind Brothers in Arms and Borderlands.

Q: And Duke Nukem Forever.
A: You're just bitter because you're not going, aren't you? Anyway, when we get to take control of the xenomorph-blasting marines for the first time, we're going to be getting right back to you about just how worth the wait it's all been. And that's not the only Alien-related surprise we're anticipating. (Ignore the oxymoron, thanks.) As you might already know, (and as we'll outline further in our next issue, out on 7 June), Creative Assembly have been signing folk up to create a game based on Ridley Scott's original Alien movie. Rumour is that it's going to be Dead Space-a-like in tone which makes us officially HOT for it.