'Zelda Universe' ESRB rating has Zelda fans guessing

Nintendo's online Zelda portal gets a game title rating

The eyebrows of Zelda fans will be more risen than usual today with the discovery of an ESRB rating for a 'Zelda Universe' title.

Before you get too excited, Zelda Universe already exists as the official website hub for the Zelda series, with Ocarina of Time 3D currently splashed all over its front page.


What's peculiar about this particular listing is that it's not for any specific Nintendo platform. The platform is listed simply as 'online', which almost beats down any hopes that Nintendo is about to reveal a brand new Zelda game aside from OoT and the Wii-bound Skyward Sword (how much more do you want right now?).

It would suggest that the firm may have some sort of interactivity - mini games, game tie-in features or otherwise - planned for the official online hub that require a rating, but we'll have to wait for E3 in two weeks to find out.

For now you should be drooling all over this new Ocarina of Time 3D trailer released today, which shows off some the new features coming to the 3DS remake.

[ SOURCE: Venture Beat ]