FIFA 12 3D to support SpotPass

Download kits on Nintendo 3DS

The producer of FIFA 12 3D has told Official Nintendo Magazine that EA's forthcoming 3DS football game will feature downloadable content available via SpotPass.

"We are not utilising StreetPass but we'll have a day one kit and roster update to make sure we are fully authentic for the new season and SpotPass is one of the ways that you can download the update," Matt Prior told ONM.


Prior added that he's more interested in making sure the gameplay is solid than utilising all of 3DS's features.

"We looked into all of the unique 3DS features early in the development cycle but with our first foray into FIFA on the 3DS we wanted to make sure we got the fundamentals right and focused on getting the core game solid while at the same time innovating in key areas.

"We did this by developing a lot of content and modes and developing the gameplay with unique 3DS features which we have done with the addition of touchscreen shooting. We wanted to focus on getting those things right and creating a very solid and fun gameplay experience."

One thing EA won't be supporting with FIFA 12 3D is online multiplayer. Still, EA believes that it will be the best 3DS football game yet.