E3 2011's inside whispers exposed Pt.1

Top Secret rumours. Come and get 'em....

We've heard them whispered in the dank car parks of UK games publishing offices. We've heard them recited in husky, gravely tones over crackling internal phone lines. But most of all, we've heard them down the pub.

CVG's been privy to some pretty eyeball-popping E3 2011 rumours over the last few weeks, from some of the most informed and, thankfully, chatty chaps and chappesses in the global games industry.

They've told us about who's going to be there, who's not going to be there, what some of the big surprises are... and what some of the really big surprises are.

Here in a special feature to celebrate our new look site, we invite you into our special inside circle - and share the most eyebrow-raising industry whispers we've picked up about 2011's biggest video games show...


Rumour: Insomniac will reveal a new multi-platform third-person shooter - and make a big deal out of it...

CVG Reaction: You forgot about this one, didn't you? Multiple sources have told us that this is happening, and not to expect a direct rival to Gears Of War, but a game closer in style to Mass Effect 2.

The smart money's on a big reveal at the EA conference on June 6, and it's a bet we're fairly confident in. We'd wager that there won't be any game to play on the E3 show floor, as it's perhaps too early in the development cycle for that - but we can expect perhaps a sexy trailer, release info and details.

EA announced its ground-breaking deal with Insomniac - "for one IP and one game" - 12 months ago. The studio, best known for creating Sony-published titles, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, would only reveal that it was bringing a 'brand new universe' to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Rumour: Ubisoft announcing new additions to "two of its classic action series" - and they're not Assassin's Creed...

CVG Reaction:This one's from a very reliable, but very tight-lipped source. We'd place our chips on these duo coming from a pool of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Far Cry, Brothers In Arms or Prince Of Persia.

Far Cry 3 is already looking pretty likely, of course - so it's take your pick time from the rest... We'd definitely take a new Rainbow six in a new location, after Ubisoft brought us Vegas-based mayhem with its last two iterations in the franchise.

The French publisher's E3 conference is set for June 6. We'll be watching like hawks - and letting you know any new info as soon as we hear it...


Rumour: Codename: Kingdoms is a Kinect game, and will be revealed at Microsoft's showcase on Monday, June 6.

CVG Reaction: You wanted hardcore games for Kinect? We've heard from solid EU development sources that Crytek's title will be an action title for Microsoft's motion device, with the popular opinion a largely on-rails FPS. This one's looking very likely - and we can also expect a name and release details.

Crytek wouldn't be drawn on whether the game used Kinect when we caught up with them in January, but did boast that the title pushed Xbox 360 "to its limit".

The studio first unveiled the Codename: Kingdoms name and some concept art at E3's Microsoft Conference in Los Angeles last year.

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