'Fox Engine' powers Kojima's new game

Hideo Kojima shows off footage of its new engine to power unannounced title

Metal Gear man Hideo Kojima has showed off a new engine that will power his as yet unannounced game.

The 'Fox Engine' is a totally original engine from Kojima Productions, created to power future KP projects starting with Kojima's mystery new game.

Footage of the engine running in real-time during Konami's pre-E3 presentation today showed a scene with a person, a horse and pony standing in a sun-drenched forest, with impressive lighting effects casting the shadows of leaves on the scenery below.


Kojima briefly took control of a character using an Xbox 360 pad and ran around the green environment in a third-person view, while explaining that this was simply a testbed for his new game; not the new game itself.

As for this mystery title, Kojima held off revealing anything other than it being a multi-platform title and compatible with his new 'Transfarring' mechanic, which sees the transferring of saved games between console and portable versions of a game. We speculate, in that case, that an NGP version of the game is in the works, alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360.

In the same show, 'Transfarring' was revealed as a new feature in the PS3 version of the new Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (which is also coming to Xbox, sans Transfarring), letting users to play the same save file for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on both the portable and the home console.