Playable Devil's Third skips E3

"We'll show you something very cool at TGS," says Itagaki

Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki has seemingly opted out of presenting a playable reveal of his THQ action game, Devil's Third at E3.

Instead, according to the bonkers Japanese video below (which includes a man who REALLY loves THQ), the Dead or Alive man has decided to show off the game in a playable form at Tokyo Game Show later this year.

"I know you want to play the game but as you can see we are working very hard on it. So please come to the Tokyo Game Show, and we will show you some very cool stuff," he says in the video.

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That doesn't mean of course we won't see a new trailer in LA, but journos will probably have to stick September 15 in their diaries for the hands-on stuff.

Devil's Third was unveiled with a trailer back in June last year.

Since then the game's been confirmed as a 3D title, but we may not see it until 2013.