Fable: The Journey, Kinect Sports: Season 2 set for E3 reveal?

MS domain names give away announcements?

Microsoft could be set to announce 'Fable: The Journey' and 'Kinect Sports: Season 2' at its E3 press conference tomorrow, if just-registered internet domain names are anything to go by.

The domains, spotted by notorious trademark sleuth Superannuation, also include 'Dance Central 2', 'Kinect Fun Labs' and something called 'Xcommerce' , which hopefully is a bit more exciting than Microsoft Excel for Kinect.


Yesterday it emerged that US retailers have also seemingly started listing 'GTA V' and 'Resident Evil 6' for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Microsoft's E3 press conference kicks off at 5pm BST tomorrow. Hit the link for your full E3 diary - it's all you need to survive.

[ SOURCE: Superannuation ]