Wii 2, Beem and Current... What's the name of Nintendo's next console?

We round up the rumours...

There's a whole host of potential names flying around the internet for Nintendo's next console. Everything from Wii HD to simply 'Nintendo' has been tipped.

Project Café is what's being touted as the machine's internal name, but it's unlikely to survive E3 (Sony's internal 'NGP' name already looks certain to switch to Vita).

'Wii HD' has also been put out there because, you know, rumours suggest the machine boasts HD capabilities and it follows the Wii.


Then came a couple of ridiculous notions. Rumours over the weekend claimed Nintendo was going to call its new bit of hardware 'Beem' although that was quickly dismissed as being a one-man registration effort.

Then there's the latest suggestion that it'll just be called 'Nintendo'. Does that mean we could soon have a Nintendo Nintendo in our front rooms? We think not.

Whatever the name is in the end, it'll be revealed at Nintendo's E3 conference at 5pm BST tomorrow. Stay tuned.