Xbox E3 press conference - LIVE

Live reporting starts at 5pm BST

Here we go. The first biggie of this year's E3 expo, Microsoft's Xbox press conference, kicks off this afternoon at 17:30pm BST.

The whole spectacle is set to be streamed live on, but the good news this year is all three platform holder press conferences, bar any last minute technical hitches will also be streamed live on CVG.

Thanks to a load of MS domain name registrations we know we should probably expect the first showing of Kinect Sports and Dance Central sequels, as well as a new Fable game dubbed 'The Journey'.


On top of that, long-rumoured projects such as Epic's Gears of War Kinect spin-off and Microsoft's Halo 1 HD remake should finally reveal their hand.

With Nintendo set to premier brand new hardware tomorrow too, we wouldn't completely rule out Microsoft confirming plans to develop a new home console either - but don't expect anything more than a hint at the Xbox's future.

Check back at 5pm BST (9am PDT) for the CVG live stream and text commentary. We're a bit scared already.



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Right folks, this is it, our first platform holder conference of E3 2011.

Predictably MS went with the green theme. The very green theme.

Well, we've reached the billed start time but there's still plenty of people to take their seats.

Of course, if you've been paying attention today, you'll already have a fair idea about what we can expect from MS.

So ladies and gents, how can we pass the time?

Who thinks we might see GTA V during the Microsoft presentation?

It's starting to fill up now. Not long to go perhaps.

"I think GTA V will be announced at Nintys conference, For project cafe as lead platform," says Capn JaMMiE. That would certainly cement the Ninty conference in the memory. Anyone else got any thoughts?

Here we go!

Microsoft kicks off with Modern Warfare 3.

And the first gaff of the night is a disconnecting controller! At least MS can say this isn't staged.

First-person scuba-diving. Looking good.

It's essentially underwater stealth. Really slow, calm, really nice.

Here comes some classic COD action now.

Ouch, boot to the face against a submarine door. The edge as well. That's not the way to go.

Is it geeky to say that's nice duct-tape on that charge? 'Cause it is.

What do you think folks? This or Battlefield 3? Too early to say I know, but initial thoughts?

Driving a dingy straight into a plane. That's how you do it.

Sledgehammer's Glenn Schofield takes the mic.

A few words of thanks, 'very excited'. Now here's Don Matrick from Microsoft.

What did everyone think about MW3? It's a thumbs up from us. Three of 'em. Your thoughts?

Tomb Raider time. Really excited about this one.


The demo's running on 360. It already looks 100 times more mature than anything we've seen from the series so far.

Lara hanging upside down. "I can't die like this".

Screams of pain as she hits the floor. Wow. Shivers. This is definitely a more vulnerable Lara.

Hmm a Heavy Rain style QT combat section. Interesting.

Lara's survival instincts highlight objects in the world to help her escape.

Well, this couldn't be much more different to what we've seen from the series to date could it? What are people thinking?

More QT mechanics.

Looking forward to that one next year.

Ah Peter Moore. Who read our Microsoft greats and Microsoft gaffs earlier? This chap features a lot. We're fans.

"Tomb Raider looks weird..." says Moorpheus

Ha! A little nod to the South Park slating from Moore. Good man.

Here's Dr. Ray from BioWare. It's Mass Effect 3 of course.

Mass Effect 3 Kinect voice recognition - Here comes a live demo!

Kinect used to trigger conversation options.

It's like you start the sentence for Shep and he finishes it....Point?

Seems easier to press a button if you ask us.

Here's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ouch, point blank headshot from behind!

Yves Guillemot on stage to show us Kinect integration with Ghost Recon.

Ubisoft dev Chris is controlling gun customisation Minority Report style.

Gesture and voice. Looks really smooth.

Audience applauds. There's no 'Applause' sign here either. E3 2011 is impressed.

We're just as impressed with the thousands of gun types it looks like you can create.

Chris is using hand gestures to fire the gun. We're still pad lovers as far as that's concerned but a lot of people here seem to like the idea.

All Tom Clancy games in the future will have Kinect functionality.

We're on Xbox Live now with non-gaming entertainment.

Ten times more entertainment partnerships with Live. Youtube coming. More applause.

Bing coming to Xbox "You say it, Xbox finds it."

Note to self, Americans say "Lay-go" not Lego.

Live TV comes to Xbox 360 this year.

New Xbox Experience coming this Fall. We'll see whether that applies globally.

UFC president Dana White at Microsoft's E3 conference!

"All the best fights... only on Xbox."

Live UFC events coming to Xbox Live. That should please any Xbots who don't want to shell out for ESPN.

MS is really pushing the non-gaming content.

Looks like you can bet against friends on who's going to win fights.

Phil Spencer says the MS core is still about games.

Gears time! Here we go.

Cliffy B in the hizzie.

Looks like some co-op's about to go down. With Ice T no less.

Massive beast with tentacles is the hassle in this section.

Silverbacks are the weapon of choice. They're stubby little mechs. Look pretty cool.

"Go for the eyes" A tip for life.

Oooo it's a bit loud isn't it?

That things got a pretty wide mouth.

Ice T doesn't seem at all phased. We'd be flinching every second with that big screen blowing up behind us.

Now a song?

Oh, no, a song in game we guess.

Good, we don't have time for songs.

Crytek and some olde language. Must be Codename Kingdoms.

Ryse is the name? It looked like a strong Kinect game, still we'll have to see how it works in practice.

Halo: CE "remade and remastered"

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary! Didn't see that one coming!

Oh wait, yes we did.

Here's Forza 4. Feels like we've been waiting ages for this. Still, we're nowhere near GT5 territory.

In game footage for your eyes. Looks really, really good.

Here's Molyneux for Fable The Journey.

He wants to make us feel even more involved with Albion.

Trailer starts similarly to the Fable III chicken run, except with a bug that's quickly squashed.

Kinect horse riding and spell casting. Will Kinect be used for farting and burping? Here's hoping.

Looks like Kinect will be forever on rails, not that we expected more from it. Still at least Fable The Journey didn't suffer the same lag as a certain Harry Potter game.

Minecraft making console debut on Kinect and 360 in the winter.

Disneyland Adventures now. Time to relive the old childhood.

I never did see Mickey. If he turns out to be omitted from the game I'll be crushed all over again.

More Kinect acting. Reminds me of Kinect Adventures last year.

"Oh no Captain Hook!" in unison.

It's as if MS is saying "Why not have fun like this?" or "Don't forget to say things like this!"

Fist bump. Oh dear.

Kinect Star Wars. Actually interested to see how this one works. Not getting my hopes up too high though.

Lots of classic Star Wars scene in a montage trailer. Jedi front kick features.

Going to need some sort of gameplay demo for actual excitement though.

Speaking of which...

Hmmm. "Light Saber on" don't remember that in the films.

That Force push looked weak.

These enemies don't seem to pose much of a threat.

Jumping and Force slide are controlled by the player at least.

Seasame Street. Another childhood favourite. Can't help but feel I'll have outgrown it now.

Ah here comes more natural, natural fun from Daddy and his actor son.

Dad doesn't seem to want to say much. Actually makes for a nice change in these Kinect demo bits.

Schafer puts a Fall date on Seasame Street.

Here's Kudo - Bam! There he is!

Kinect Fun Labs announced. Another leak from earlier today.

We'll always respect a man who wears Aviators in-doors....

So let's see what this Fun Labs is all about. Kinect creates an Avatar based on what you actually look like. Who remembers the 3DS?

Finger drawing allows you to draw in 3D. That's pretty cool. The MS man draws 3D lines around two images of himself. In front, behind, around.

Kudo says Kinect can do anything and includes "pulling a trigger on a gun" Except, with Kinect, there's not pulling is there. It's more...showing the camera your palm.

Digital version of a cushion created in-game by scanning it into Kinect. That's impressive. We saw something similar in early Milo.

Maybe the Molyneux creation has been scrapped for bits.

Wow, it's out now.

Kinect Sports Season 2 announced - 6 new sports and in-game voice/gestures.

Gestures in golf for the swing (obviously) and voice is used to select clubs. A bit like Ghost Recon but more badass. No wait, less.

Kinect Sports Season 2 football. American of course.

I'm going to try and.... Oh my god he's actually shouting at it.

Definitely wouldn't do this at home. Neighbours would burst in to try and save my life.

Kasson Crooker hits the stage and opens with some self-mockery. We'll always respect that.

He's here for Dance Central 2 of course.

Two-player dancing at long last.

Don Mattrick hits the stage again.

Sounds like a sum up. This looks like it could be it from Microsoft.


Nah course not!

The dawn of a new trilogy. No prizes...

Boom! Halo.

Halo 4 for Holiday 2012.

There you go folks. Thanks for watching with me. Hope the live stream worked out for you. Seemed to be going ok.

So, more for Kinect, it's starting to look every so slightly more geared towards the hardcore but there is of course more for the family too.

Dance Central goes true multiplayer, Codename Kingdoms turns out to be Ryse.

Gears looked about as epic as you can expect.

Halo: CE remastered and Halo 4 was a fitting end. Should definitely get the juices flowing.

What did you think? Talk amongst yourselves. See you at the next stop.