Revealed! What will - and won't - happen at Sony's E3 conference tonight

Uncharted 3 live demo, PS Vita confirmed! Plus Kevin Butler riding a giant elephant tatooed with a PSN logo

OK, barring a leak of Halo 4 magnitude (the first screenshot of which just appeared on top secret Xbox website, er, over an hour before their show, spoiling potentially one of their biggest secrets. Still, the same thing happened *weeks* early with The Last Guardian for Sony last year, so we're not throwing stones in this glazed, transparent house), no-one really knows what Sony will show at their E3 conference tonight. Or they didn't, until now. Here's our bold, informed - and ever so slightly left-field - predictions below.

Want to watch the Sony press conference live? It's starting 1am UK time tonight (i.e. in not so many hours) and available to live-stream right here on CVG or at

Certain to appear

Uncharted 3
A stunning, all-new, live single-player demo to rival the impact of the Uncharted 2 demo in 2009, probably showing off some special effects you never thought possible - a bit like the snow in U2.

PS Vita
The NGP/PSP2 gets its formal name, plus live demos of Uncharted Golden Abyss, some hardware-pushing first-party stuff (showing off Augmented Reality, GPS etc) and some incredibly sexy third party confirmations: Silent Hill (well, that's confirmed), Monster Hunter (likely), Call of Duty, FIFA, plus maybe a new Resi game and *another* major series that will cause us to go absolutely mental, if true.

Like, of course.

Some kind of apology for the PSN outage
Our dream scenario is that they announce a megaton new fimware feature available to download immediately as an extra, unexpected, apology - something like cross-game chat, or, better still, a Google Chrome browser for PS3, built on the strength of the PS Vita link up. This is unlikely, but would be hot.

Actually, what we'd most like to see is Sony saying NOTHING about the PSN outage at all, so the crowd start whispering and getting all screwed up, until the final moment of the conference, when Kevin Butler rides across the stage on a giant elephant with 'PSN' written on its torso, only to shout 'Sorry!' through a mega-hailer, as Hideo Kojima jet packs on stage with MGS5, high-fiving Rockstar's GTAV team on the way down.

It, er could happen, right?


New David Cage project
The Heavy Rain maestro has a new game to confirm, and this is as good a time as any - with more to follow at Gamescom.

New Guerilla IP
Bye, bye Killzone. Hello technically astonishing new thing without beady-eyed space men.

Impressive media link-up for PS Vita
Google Chrome browsing, with maps and more seems the obvious choice, but we'd like a really open source approach, cuddling up to Spotify and so on.

New God of War game
On PS3, PS Vita... or both? We have it from a source the new game is due Sep 2012 - we printed as much months ago. Let's see if it's true.

Bad ass new The Last Guardian live demo
As it sounds.

New Ninja Theory game
Heavenly Sword 2, say internet rumour cheeses. Surely not? We'll see.

Saucy EA DLC exclusives
Microsoft cosy up to Modern Warfare 3, Sony cuddle up to EA and Battlefield 3 - remember the MOH/Dead Space 2 exclusives last year?

Unlikely, but just imagine...

Kojima. Jetpack. Draw curtains. Job done.

Unlikely from what we hear, in all seriousness, but we live in insane hope.

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