Revealed! What will - and won't - happen at Sony's E3 conference tonight

Uncharted 3 live demo, PS Vita confirmed! Plus Kevin Butler riding a giant elephant tatooed with a PSN logo

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Rockstar's big PS3-exclusive shown in video form. We'll take CGI nonsense at this stage, but in-game footage would cook our world.

Provided it doesn't rock up at Microsoft's conference. Or Nintendo's. Something exclusive would be scorching hot.

GTA on PS Vita... or GT6?
The former, more likely. The latter, well, hey, it'd guarantee a 2019 release at least, eh?

Play Sony E3 conference bingo!

Bonus marks for ticking off the following as they occur:

1) Jack Tretton mispronouncing a key franchise name

2) A tiresome chart of PS3 sales

3) The word 'SKU'

4) Something being confirmed for PS Vita meaning they may as well throw it in the bin right now, rather than release it re: we've cut off an analogue stick! It's £1000! etc

5) Kevin Butler being wheeled out to apologise for the whole PSN 'thing'

6) A developer being patently unable to play his own game

7) An excruciating 10-minute demo of the absolutely *fine* Resistance 3

8) A random suited man from BigBrand appearing on stage to confirm a 'key' 'partnership' with 'clear synergies'

9) A desperate attempt to re-promote existing 'successes,' like Qriocity

10) An inexplicable showreel of old PSP games

11) A streamed 'post party' where a band slightly less famous than The Black Eyed Peas - or The Black Eyed Peas - have a slightly too ostentatiously good time playing their biggest hit three times to a crowd of tired journalists trying to avoid the brokenly hostile gazes of the booth babes on the PS Move pods.

And more!

Roll on 1am. We'll be tweeting our reactions live on Twitter via @PSM3_Magazine, with off-message interjections from editor @DanDawkins and features editor @ultrabrilliant

See you soon


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