Sony E3 press conference: All the news

Every big headline from PlayStation's L.A showcase

The dust has settled on Sony's E3 2011 conference and, although we might not have got a major, triple-A shock announcement, there was plenty on offer to get PlayStation fans excited.


Below you can find all the major headlines from the evening's showcase or you can check out our live commentary of the event to see how they happened and when.



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Right, it's Sony's turn. Soon, at least. 5PM has come and gone but people are still sitting down. Excitingly though, 3D glasses are being handed out. Uncharted 3 showing?

Jack Tretton in 3D, maybe?

It's alright Sony, take your time. You've got us for five hours after all.

Got a picture of Sony's stand for you below while you wait. No, we're not sitting behind a wall of Vaseline. Blackberry camera fail. Soz. You can see blue though, right? It's blue.

Click to view larger image A woman is telling us to put on 3D glasses. She is very insistent.

"I was only playing," sings woman. Bumpin'n'grinding music. Go on jack. Shake the junk.

Loads of NGP. 3D Sonic.

PSN graphic. Very brave.

PSP. Erm, yep. Okay.

We want: Quantic Dream's new game, MGS 5 and... sod it... GTA V. How's about you, friends?

Sorry MS. PlayStation's opening gets deserved whoops.

Jack looking like the perma tanned love child of a used car dealer. And a pimp.

Sorry that quickly? Wow. PSN apologies.

That was actually quite funny. There have been a lot of headlines. We're not one of his 'reporter friends'. But we will be, a mojito or too later?

PSN 27% up year-on-year. Impressive. Like a legless man winning the Olympic 100m.

90% acivity back on PSn following hack.

Jack says consumers leave him "humble and amazed". And rich, obviously.

Strong tie.

New media partner - Cinema Now, a 'leading proviser of instant access TV and movies'.

Naughty Dog in the house. Uncharted 3. Fist bump!

We're suckers for lighting. But thems be some sweet lighting.

Well this does not look rubbish. Check out those weather effects! Amazeballs.

Uncharted 3 PLUS SUBS!!!

Drake just got shot. Sexy Helen Mirren type purring. May be Helen Mirren. Purring.

"We're going to sell a few copies of that bad boy." Not wrong.

Resistance in 3D. Very yellow. Very swish.

Sharshooter R3 bundle . September 6. $150.

God Of war origins - PSP titles - plus ICO/SOC coming in HD and 3D in September.

$499 for a pretty stunning 3D package. Good to heaer 3D glasses getting more affordable, too. And that idea of two different visions rather than split screen sounds too good to be true.

Click to view larger image 2K NBA on The Move. If you like.

Kobe Beef, ladies. Fresh from Black Ops promotion. He made a joke about Miami Heat there. We didn't get it, but it got a reaction. People are enjoying this conference 4 real.

"All jokes aside, it's so realistic, it's frightening." Getting a hero's farewell.

Medieval Moves, action adventure using PS Move. Why not?

Good news: It's first person. Bad news: We've hit the conference lull. Time for a cuppa.

This is going on for a while. Suffering in Kobe's wake.

Nice shot, Jeremy. Intriguing little number. Out in the autumn.

InFamous 2 is InFamous 2. We loved it. User-generated content experience will allow players to create their missions. Another autumn tidbit. LB2 levels can be created with Move too.

Starhawk. Exciting little number.

Sly's back everyone. We like Sly. Thieves in Time coming 2012.

Dust 514 plus Eve Online equals clever business move / Move. Looks good, too.

BioShock Infinite. Gosh this game looks amazing.

It's gonna have PlayStation Move. Interesting.

So that's BioShock game coming to NGP, Bioshock 1 bundled with Infinite, Saints Row November goodies AND a new Star Trek game. Jack's reeling them off now.

Battlefield 1943 bundled with Battlefield 3. Added value time.

Kaz is in town, just after some downtime. Tee hee!

Good tie observation.

PlayStation Suite. This is the mobile selection of 'PS certified' games. Good stuff. But we get the feeling that a big announcement must be coming. Come on Kaz. Give us the daddy.

PlayStation Vita confirmed as NGP's name. "cutting edge features," says Kaz. AT&T exclusive deal doesn't go down well. There is laughter. We haven't heard applause that patchy since Tony Blair at the WI.

Click to view larger image Uncharted PS Vita (nope, still not quite comfortable) a good move. Excitement in the room waning a little. Uncharted never fails to pick things up.

Vita exclusive called Ruin. There are a LOT of announcements, but nothing really sizzling. Action RPG with socail side. Cloud-based swap to Ps3 is pretty cool.

Modnation Racers on Vita. Looks like a fun little number. Real-time effects when you make tracks. Sharing features with PS3 too.

LBP on Vita. Nice. Rear touch enabled. Snigger.

Street Fighter X Tekken coming to Vita. Crowd lifted. A few minor whoops.

Cole from InFamous in as cameo charachter. Lovely stuff. Ono's shirt is a highlight.

Vita pricing: The Wi-Fi-only model will cost a whoop-inducing $249 (249 Euros), matching Nintendo's pricing of the 3DS.

The 3G/Wi-Fi version will cost $299 (299 Euros).

More than 80 Vita titles in development for 'virtually every publisher'.

And that's it. A very good show from Sony, we think. Can Nintendo top it? Place your bets (aka comments) below. Thanks for tuning in, folks.