Hitman: Absolution - First screens, trailer and details

E3 previews go live for IO revival

The curtain surrounding Hitman: Absolution has been drawn back even more with a triple threat of screens, footage and details finally being set free.

We've been to see Agent 47's latest and long-awaited outing with our own eyes. Don't turn green, we've also jotted down a detailed account for the rest of you in our first look Hitman: Absolution preview.

Will 47's "personal journey" after being "betrayed by those he trusted" mean a new, more emotive, slant on the series? We'll let you read our thoughts on whether the essence of Hitman has been maintained for the modern day.


If you do want to see some Hitman action for yourself though, may we suggest the following trailer? It's a pretty badass CG sequence, which should cause far more excitement than concern for fans, although we're still waiting for the first gameplay footage.

Oh and don't forget to look at the new screens at the bottom of there as well.

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