Xbox E3 press conference: Full video, 54 photos

360 degree coverage of Microsoft's E3 blowout

Microsoft's E3 press conference may have taken place at a more sociable hour than Sony's, but here's a video of the full event as well as 54 screens for those of you that missed it, or just couldn't concentrate properly amidst all the Kinect-fuelled hand waving.

Halo 4 and the Halo Combat Evolved remake arguably stole the show, but there was plenty of Kinect news, include motion controlled Fable and Ryse, which is Crytek's new name for Codename Kingdoms, as well as more predictable fare like Kinect Sports and Dance Central sequels, and the less predictable and more interesting Kinect Fun Labs.


You can check out all Microsoft's announcements by clicking this link.

And once you have, why not see if you agree with all the things we loved and hated about the conference.