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Success or failure? The PSM3 team's verdict on PS Vita, lack of surprises, best and worst games... more

So, it's PS Vita, then. And Sony's new handheld is much more competitively priced than we hoped - £280 for the full 3G/wi-fi version of a near-PS3 quality handheld, possibly £230 for wi-fi only. But what did the PSM3 team really make of the Sony conference, its best - and worst - games, plus the relative lack of surprises? The answers are all in our new podcast, available below.

Here we go. It's a big 'un, covering the full Sony conference, plus the best of the third parties including EA, Ubi and other hot games.

Please note, when we say Nintendo might, might announce GTAV at the end of their conference, we mean Lego City Stories. Phew.

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