DmC: First gameplay trailer, new screens

Capcom delivers its E3 goods

Capcom has released the first ever gameplay trailer for Ninja Theory's DmC, a reboot of Devil May Cry that takes the series in a new direction.

The trailer features the new look Dante, who has a very grunge, angsty teen vibe to him, walking through the deserted streets of a city. Messages written in blood begin to seep through the walls and tell him 'their city is an illusion' and advise Dante not to accept the world as it is.

Dante is then attacked and begins to dish out a familiar brand of oversized-sword justice. While fans of the series may still remain divided on the re-imagined look of Dante we're guessing seeing the combat will go some way to reassure them it's still a Devil May Cry title at heart.

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Capcom's Christian Svensson has said that not only did Capcom anticipate fan's reactions to the new look Dante, but the backlash was part of the overall strategy.