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Nintendo Conference: Highs and Lows. Everything we loved. Everything we hated

Something about a new console?

Our stomachs are still knotted, our spines still as straight as rulers and, thankfully, our mouths still wide like circular windows.

Nintendo's conference is over, Project Café has revealed itself to be Wii U and we may well have just had the most exciting press conference of the year.

But let's not jump the gun. Perhaps once the dust has settled in our minds, once we've weighed up the pros and cons of Nintendo's E3 2011 showcase we'll find it middling on the excite-o-meter... Perhaps.

Here's what we loved and what we hated:


The orchestra

A live orchestra, wow, very classy Nintendo. A fitting start to proceedings as well with the nostalgic Zelda retrospective running on the big screen welcoming E3 punters to their final platform holder conference.


We found the luxurious musical accompaniment appropriate not just because of the soundtracks set to be released as part of a Zelda Anniversary celebration, but also because of the love and recognition Nintendo is clearly showing to the franchise. It was a classy gloss that covered a fitting celebration of one of gaming's greatest series' to kick off the show.


The orchestra


Five minutes in and Nintendo was really staring to milk that band. When Miyamoto took to the stage the introductory number made him seem like a Hollywood supervillain revealing himself for the first time. We chuckled and then got over it but when the industry legend started to use the orchestra apparently so that he could act out some of his favourite Zelda moments, like opening a box, we couldn't help but think it was getting a bit ridiculous.

Okay Nintendo we get it - You can afford to pay people to rub strings and blow into tubes, Sony and Microsoft make do with that cheap-o-nasty recorded stuff. Whatever, move on.


3DS getting the big titles it needs

Finally! Just as we thought the 3DS was starting to circle the drain, Nintendo brings out the big guns to execute what we think will be a daring resuce. We got no less than five new games for the 3DS, some of which we have seen before and are still waiting for but some all important major Nintendo players as well.

The likes of Kid Icarus and Star Fox are still dragging their heels when it comes to lighting up the 3D handheld but it's good to see them again, although Kid Icarus is still a 'Coming Soon'. What really matters though is the inclusion of Mario Kart (we'll pass judgement on gliding when we've played it), Super Mario and Luigi's Mansion 2 all being announced. Those are the kinds of names the 3DS has needed from the start.


Wii U: Nintendo innovates again

First of all, it's a much better name than 'Beem' and actually much closer to 'Wii 2' than anyone expected. Then comes the meat, the real blow away stuff that reminds you why we love Nintendo even if it has turned its back on the hardcore audience slightly in recent times.


We were impressed with the Wii U reveal video right from the off. It was the moment when the bloke switched from playing New Super Mario Brothers Wii on the big screen to playing it using the screen inside the Wii U controller that really got us. It's a feature that's been rumoured for a while but seeing it in action really makes you understand how exciting the idea is.

It doesn't stop there though, the Wii U really does look like it can do everything; it's got a touch screen, two sticks, it's a sensor, it's backwards compatible with Wii remotes, it enhances the Wii, it has its own mini-games. What more do you want!?


Big time third-party developer support

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