Telltale Games excited by Nintendo Wii U possibilities

Point'n'click specialists keeping eyes on console

TellTale Games has told CVG that it is "seriously considering" how to put its games on Nintendo's Wii U console.


The device, revealed at E3 2011 on Tuesday morning, comes bundled with a tablet-style controller that allows gamers to continue to play a game session in their lap after their TV becomes unavailable.

The possibilites aren't lost on the Sam & Max and Jurassic Park studio - nor the Wii U tablet's similarities to Apple's iPad.

"We're not big fans of closing any doors," Telltale's exec producer Kevin Boyle told CVG.

"We'll always look at any new platform, and this is no different. iOS has been fantastic for us on iPad with the touch screen and we'll seriously consider anything in that vain. We're not making any promises, but we're excited by anything like that."

The studio has found great success on iPad with the likes of its episodic Back To The Future series and Tales Of Monkey Island, as its hallmark point'n'click style works well with the Apple device's touch screen.

Meanwhile, Telltale's Jurassic Park will be coming to PS3, PC and Xbox 360 in the autumn. We were given a sneak peek on the show floor today, and witnessed a title that is very reminiscent from a control perspective of Heavy Rain.

Boyle explained that there are plenty of 'twitch mechanics' in which the player must react quickly to avoid danger. Button tapping and holding down triggers seemed the most popular ways to interact.

The scene we witnessed took place shortly after Dennis Nedry had crashed his Jeep in Steven Spielberg's movie. Telltale said that the game will overlap with the film's storyline, but that its narrative will continue later in the timeline than the ending of the cinema classic.

Telltale is also at work on a Walking Dead game due for release 'soon'.