Sony shooter 'steals show' at E3 - trailer here

Payday: The HEIST gets praise most high from PC Gamer

The Sony-created PSN and PC shooter Payday: The HEIST has "stolen the show" at E3 2011, according to PC Gamer.

CVG is still yet to get hands-on with the downloadable FPS, which has been created by newly-formed Nordic studio Overkill - a team formed from the embers of the now defunct GRIN.


You can view the new E3 2011 trailer below, fresh from the show floor. And, according to PC Gamer editor Tim Edwards, you most certainly should take the time out.

"It's simply stolen the show for me," Edwards told CVG this evening. "We had no expectations whatsoever for the game going into E3. And I'll be honest, when I read it was a downloadable title, I had it down as little more than a distraction.

"But in reality, it's brilliant. It's sweary, it's bold and it will make your heart race like few other FPS titles I can think of. It nicks all the best bits from Left 4 Dead and puts them in a frantic world in which you get to nick loads of money. Hours after playing it, I'm still thinking: "Wow." I'm starting to believe that it's really superb."

As always, go full screen for HD.

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We know for a fact that Tim plays a LOT of FPS games, so this has just firmly landed on our radar. To check out more of his thoughts about the game, have a gander of his preview write-up over on