Namco Bandai 'truly excited' about Wii U potential

Publisher hails "biggest and best" E3 ever

Namco Bandai is the latest publisher to shower praise on Nintendo's newly announced next-gen console, Wii U.

UK marketing director Lee Kirton told CVG: "We are truly excited about the potential of Wii U at Namco Bandai.


"Tekken being part of Nintendo is obviously a massive surprise for the industry and there's no doubt the machine/controller is one of the most exciting announcements in history."

Tekken was briefly shown as coming to the Wii U during Nintendo's E3 press conference earlier this week. Some of the interactive quirks of the game include using your finger to draw on and customise fighters.

Kirton also labelled this year's E3 "the biggest and best ever".

"... The quality throughout the show is amazing. Honestly, gamers are in for a stunning year and 2012/13 is looking unbelievable."

He added that Namco's E3 showing - including Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Dark Souls, Inversion, Ben 10 Galactic Racing, Soul Calibur V and Ridge Racer Unbounded - "proves that we're still faithful to our goal of [becoming] a top five publisher".