Sony: We may never catch PSN hackers, know what they stole

PlayStation boss says intruders "were very good in hiding their tracks as they left"

Sony No.2 Kaz Hirai has opened up a little more on the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment hacks that dominated headlines through late April and May.

The PlayStation boss told the BBC: "... With regard to the 100 million [compromised] accounts, we do know the information was accessed, we don't know however what part of the 100 million accounts were taken from our servers."

And he doesn't sound very hopeful or ever finding out.


"For example, it might be 100 million first names, it might be 100 million last four digits of a phone number, it could be the entire account information, we just don't know, but I think the people that intruded our systems were very good in hiding their tracks as they left our systems, so we may not know for a very long time or we may never know."

Sony said at its E3 press conference earlier this week that activity on the PlayStation Network is back up to 90 percent of what it had been before the security breach.