Hitman Absolution AI is 'much more advanced than ever'

Video: IO gameplay director talks to CVG about AI, combat and stealth

Chatting to team CVG over at E3, Hitman Absolution gameplay director Christian Elverdam outlined some of the scenarios players can expect to come across in the game and some of the key mechanics that are new to the series.

"The AI is now way more advanced than it ever was. It's has far more nuanced behaviour," he told us.

"We looked at two things; what can Hitman do and what can the AI do. [The AI] can take Hitman on at any given time at any given place and actually do quite advanced combat behaviour, both with calling for reinforcements and flanking and all that kind of stuff. So on that level it's already more engaging."


We can vouch for Elverdam on this one as well - we've seen the killer title in action. Read our Hitman Absolution preview to find out what we thought.

Watch the interview itself for the nitty-gritty:

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