DanceStar Party detailed

Like SingStar but with dancing

Sony's put out the first details of DanceStar Party following the game's appearance at E3.

It makes use of the PlayStation Move and, as you may have guessed, it's essentially SingStar for dancing.


In fact, it's even more like SingStar Dance, which arrived at last year's E3. This time, however, foot-tapping and hip-swinging are the core experiences.

"The key project target was to make the game fun and social, so we have party modes that make it really easy to drop in and drop out, encouraging groups to play together," game director Dave Ranyard told the EU PlayStation Blog.

"There are eight tracks playable here but there will be 40 on the disc when the game comes out and we've split that 50/50 between bang up to date music and some stuff that your mum might remember."

Read the whole interview on the PS Blog via the link below.

The obvious candidate for DanceStar Party's biggest competition is Kinect's Dance Central 2, which was revealed on Monday.

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[ SOURCE: PS Blog ]