Sony 'knows cross-game chat is a huge thing'

But no news despite Vita getting feature, says Europe boss

Sony's said it has nothing to announce regarding cross-game chat for PlayStation 3, despite the feature being confirmed for its new portable, PlayStation Vita this weekend.

At its E3 press conference this week Sony showed off the PSP successor's online features, which include the ability to talk to friends no matter which game they're playing.

However, when the CVG E3 team caught up with SCE Europe boss Andrew House at the show, he said there's still no update on when or if the long-requested feature will be coming to its home console.

"No, [there are] really not any new announcements to put on that," he said. "We know that it's a huge thing out there. We have continued to do much R&D in the area, but we don't have anything to announce right now."


In the same interview House said £229 retailer listings for Vita are "where I would have predicted" and that Sony feels the price point needs to be "aggressive" in order to build momentum for the impressive portable.