No PS3 Gears Of War 'for the foreseeable future'

Epic clarifies position on bringing franchise to PlayStation

Epic Games has stated that it cannot see a time that Gears Of War will be playable on PlayStation 3 "for the foreseeable future".

Speaking at GDC in March, Epic boss Mike Capps said that he'd "love" to bring the studio's biggest franchise to Sony's console, adding that he "wants to be there".


However, speaking at E3 last week, the developer's design lead Cliff Bleszinski discussed the perks that Epic gets from its deal with Microsoft - and why PS3 owners will be waiting some time yet for any hope of getting Gears on their system.

Bleszinski was asked if Epic would consider porting Gears to PlayStation, or just starting on a new IP altogether for the system.

"I would love to work on new IP, I'm a big believer in just creating new universes," he told GameTrailers. "We have a great deal with Microsoft. It's a great setup, I mean multiplatform games... Call Of Duty's huge, right?

"But the way that we have our setup with Microsoft, when you combine the marketing benefits, the usability benefits, them helping out with dedicated servers... it just makes more sense [to us] for Gears Of War to remain an Xbox exclusive for the foreseeable future.""

Speaking to CVG at E3, Bleszinzki revealed his wish to release a Gears game in some form on Apple's iPhone and other mobile devices - one which 'communicated' with the main game on Xbox 360.

Gears Of War 3 is due for release exclusively on Xbox in September.

[ SOURCE: GameTrailers ]