Don't panic: Beyond Good & Evil 2 'still in progress', says Ancel

But will we have to wait until the next generation of consoles?

Rayman creator Michel Ancel has yet again reassured fans that his elusive sequel to Beyond Good & Evil is still in development - and some elements of the game are even "done".

Speaking to CVG's E3 team in LA last week, Ancel promised that despite moving on to work on Rayman Origins, he still has "lots of ideas" for the sequel, which was announced in 2008.


"As a game developer that's exactly the sort of game you want to work on your whole lifetime," he said. "So yes, we are really thinking and we have lots of ideas. More than that, we already have a lot of gameplay, characters are done, so it's still in progress."

Asked if we'll see the sequel within his lifetime, the designer laughed, "yes", but in another interview with Joystiq he hinted we may have to wait until the NEXT generation of consoles.

"With this kind of game, we can do prototypes on very high-end PCs and we can really try to play in the kind of future-console style hardware. So, it's just a question of saying, 'Okay, do we cut everything and rebuild to these consoles, or do we try to move forward?'"