Wii U: Can it stand alongside PS3 and 360?

Debate: Does Ninty's new machine appeal to you?

A couple of months ago we asked you whether or not you thought Nintendo's Wii follow-up could recapture the hardcore.

Back then we were dealing with the fickle wisp of rumour but now we can look at the issue once more from the strong bosom of Lady Fact.


You've all seen the Wii U, it was the stand-out feature of Nintendo's E3 press conference and probably the biggest reveal of the show. After a bout of initial confusion, with Nintendo showing off only the controller along with a slog of Wii integration, it's safe to say we now have a fairly good understanding of the new machine's capabilities.

It's the controller itself that's providing the Nintendo innovation and, mostly, its built-in touchscreen. But there's also a slew of third-party developers ready to throw AAA games at the new machine and, in fact, a number of AAA titles already lined up.

Battlefield 3, Arkham City, Darksiders... it seems as though Nintendo is now at least straddling the casual/hardcore divide if not taking a full-on stride back into blockbuster gaming.

But are you convinced? Can the house of Mario pull of such a feat? Is there enough there for the hardcore contingent or will we be forever suffering as a result of constant Nintendo compromise?

Does the lack of DVD and Blu-Ray playback point to a decision not to fully embrace a hardcore audience, which is increasingly looking for more multimedia options on top of great gaming?

Put simply, will there be a Wii U sitting next to your PS3 and 360 in the near future?