Smartphones not a threat to Vita - Sony

Gamers will go for a dedicated games console, says SCEA boss Jack Tretton

Sony America boss Jack Tretton has dismissed the notion that the phenomenal popularity of smartphone gaming poses a threat the firm's new handheld console, PlayStation Vita.

When asked if Sony is concerned over the phenomenal rise of gaming on Apple's iOS platform, Tretton replied: "No."


He went on: "The great thing about gamers is that they have tremendous influence over what they want to play. If their parents say I'm getting you an iPad and that's your device, but their friends are playing a dedicated console like a PSP, then the kids will find a way to get a PSP."

Id Software's John Carmack seems to think otherwise, stating recently: "I wouldn't want to be the executive making the decision to launch a new portable gaming machine in the post-smartphone world," and that, while impressive now, the Vita hardware is "going to look pretty pokey" within a year or two after launch.

Out this year, Sony will sell the Vita for $249 for the base Wi-Fi model, or $299 for a 3G-equipped version.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]